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Shirin is the academic journal published by the Society of Historical Research (SHR), and its broad focus covers a number of sub-disciplines of history, geography, and archaeology. The journal is issued in alternate months, and every issue consists of 160 pages on average. The contents of the Latest Issue as well as Back Numbers are viewable.

Every member of the SHR is eligible to contribute articles, research notes, and book reviews to Shirin. Submission of manuscripts by SHR members is welcomed. The editorial board of Shirin reviews submitted manuscripts, and determines which are to be accepted. Authors may be requested to make revisions by the board before his/her manuscript receives final approval.

Click here to see the Submission Guidelines (available only in Japanese).

Latest Issue

Vol.101 No.1 January 2018



NISHIMURA Masahiro ‘Fellow Servants of the Muses’ in the Later Roman Empire: Litterati and Empire
TANAKA Hideki The Chief Causes of the Appearance of the Collective Commentaries: The Transmission of Teachings and Publishing Culture

The Logic of Enslavement in Seventeenth-Century West Africa: An Analysis of Aḥmad Bābā’s Mi‘rāj

ISOGAI Masumi The Russian ʻUlamāʼ and Their Islamic Educational Network Before the Mid-Nineteenth Century
TAKAGI Hiroshi Tomioka Tessai’s and National History: Expressing the Spirit of Confucian Morality (Meikyō) through Art
HIRATA Takashi

Archaeological Investigations by Viscount Abe Masakoto and Prince Nijō Motohiro in the Meiji period of Japan

KITA Chigusa

The Establishment of Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility and Its Role in Shaping Arguments in the 1980s

MIZUNO Masahiko

Cluster Evolution and Proximity Dynamics, From a Learning and Network Perspective