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Shirin is the academic journal published by the Society of Historical Research (SHR), and its broad focus covers a number of sub-disciplines of history, geography, and archaeology. The journal is issued in alternate months, and every issue consists of 160 pages on average. The contents of the Latest Issue as well as Back Numbers are viewable.

Every member of the SHR is eligible to contribute articles, research notes, and book reviews to Shirin. Submission of manuscripts by SHR members is welcomed. The editorial board of Shirin reviews submitted manuscripts, and determines which are to be accepted. Authors may be requested to make revisions by the board before his/her manuscript receives final approval.

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Latest Issue

Vol.106 No.1 January 2023

OKAWA Yuko Preparing for Famine: Relief and Food in Agricultural Books in China
BABA Tamon The Court Cuisine of the Rasūlids in the 13th Century
NAKAI Atsushi

Banquet Meals and Tableware, As Seen in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Century Japan

KIDO Hironari Japanese Preparations for the Reception of the 1748 Diplomatic Mission from Korea, As Seen through the Eyes of Watanabe Zenemon
FUKUMOTO Kenshi The Reconstruction of Poland as Seen in the Soup Kitchens of Łódź, 1918-1921

Illicit Liquor in Modern Japan: Reading Itō Einosuke's "Fukurō"

NAKAKUBO Keisuke The Introduction and Industrialization of Tropical Fruit Production in Postwar Okinawa
HARAYAMA Kosuke The Food of the Future in the  Imagination, Tracing Trends in Japan from the End of WWII to the 1970s