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Vol.99 No.1 January 2016

YOSHII Hideo Foreword
KURIHARA Asako Between Descent and Household: Portraits of Families in 4th Century Athenian Forensic Speeches
SHIMOKURA Wataru On the Claim of a Woman: Slaves, She ren 舎人 , and Li dan 里単 Appearing on the Shi jie Wan an 識劫𡟰案 of the Qin Bamboo Slips Kept in Yue Lu Academy
SEIKE Akira A Study of the Change in Kinship Relations from the Middle-Kofun Period to Late-Kofun Period in Japan
KANAI Shizuka Kitanomandokoro: A Study of Noblewomen in Medieval Society
NAMIKAWA Yoko The Amelioration of Slavery and Marriage of Slaves in the British West Indian Colonies
YUZAWA Noriko Changes in the Economic Structure of Farm Households in the Period of the Formation of Industrial Regions in Modern Japan: The Livelihood of Farmers as seen in the Economic Survey of Farm Households by Aichi Prefecture