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Shirin JOURNAL > Back Numbers > Vol.97 No.1 January 2014

Back Number

Vol.97 No.1 January 2014

ITANI Kozo Foreword
TSUGIYAMA Jun Society during the Initial Stage of the Kofun Period and the Movement of Pottery
SAKURAI Yasuto Li Veniciani non li peregrini portano gratis, ne per amor de Dio’’: The Patrons of the Galleys for Pilgrimage in the Middle Ages
MURAO Susumu Reading the Yifen wenji and the Haiguo sishuo in the Early Years of the Reign of Xianfeng: The Significance of the Migration of Westerners from Macau to Guangzhou after the Treaty of Nanjing
TSUDA Hiroshi The Conscription Crises in Canada during the First and Second World Wars: The Experience of Total War and Cultural Minorities

Characteristics of the National Brazil-bound Emigration Enterprises in Japan: The Cases of Emigrants from Kumamoto and Hokkaido

PARK Sunmi Missionaries in Colonial Korea: The Case of Japanese Female Teachers
WATANABE Kohei The Proximity Principle and the Movement of Waste
ITO Atsushi Cord-marked (Jômon-style) Yayoi Potsherds Excavated from Karako, Nara
Book Reviews:  
KANAZAWA Shusaku (eds.) Principles of Geoarchaeology: A North American Perspective (TOMII Makoto)
MIKI Masafumi Study of Japanese Settlement Colony of Karafuto (AMANO Naoki)