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Vol.96 No.1 January 2013

KOYAMA Satoshi Foreword
YANAGISAWA Kazuaki A Study on the Damage and Recovery from the Great Mutsu Earthquake and Tsunami of the Eleventh Year of Jōgan Era (869), Based on an Analysis of Archaeological Excavations
YAMADA Yūji Muromachi-period Disasters and Ise Jingū
KUSUNOKI Yoshihiro The London Earthquake and Divine Punishment
KUBOTA Jumpei Social Mobility and Resilience; An Historical Perspective on the Future in Arid Regions of Central Eurasia from an Integrated Research Project

Большевистская власть и голод 1921-1922 гг

ODA Takashi The Geographical Space of Evacuation: A Record of Field Experience and Practices from the Multiple Disasters of 2011 in Northern Japan
Book Reviews:  
Michael R. Walters Principles of Geoarchaeology: A North American Perspective (TOMII Makoto)
A. Janku, G. J. Schenk, and F. Mauelshagen (eds.) Historical Disasters in Context: Science, Religion, and Politics (SUMITOMO Kazuki, OKUBO Kazuya, FUKUMOTO Kenichi, MASUNAGA Masataka)
YAMAZAKI Masakatsu Nuclear Development in Japan 1939-1955: From the Atomic Bomb to Atomic Power (YAMAMOTO Akihiro)