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Shirin JOURNAL > Back Numbers > Vol.95 No.1 January 2012

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Vol.95 No.1 January 2012

YOSHII Hideo Foreword
TSUCHIGUCHI Fuminori The Prefecture in the Warring States and the Qin Periods: A Study on the Relationship between the Prefectural Court and Its Bureaus
FUKASAWA Yoshiki Building the Fujiwara Capital: An Archaeological Analysis Reconstructing the City Plan
ZUSHI Nobutaka Repression of Heresy and the Use of the Written Documents in Thirteenth-Century Toulouse: The Relationship between the City, Royal Power and the Inquisition
WADA Ikuko Forts, Town Walls and a 'Steen logie': Changing Port Towns on the Coromandel Coast, 1606-1707
FUJIMOTO Hitofumi Kamigata Cities under Shogunal Jurisdiction and Fudai Domains in Early-Modern Times
NAGAI Nobuhito Migrants et culture dans une société urbaine: les cas des provinciaux à Paris au XIXe siècle
NAKANO Kotaro From Shock City to the Zoned City: Reconsidering Urban Reforms in Twentieth-Century Chicago
Academic Trends:  
MUKAI Yusuke Recent Controversy over the Palace Cities of Luoyang in the Wei Dynasty
YAMAMOTO Akihiro A Review of Recent Trends in "Hiroshima" Studies: Memory and Narrative Discourse
Book Reviews:  
Laimonas Briedis Vilnius: City of Strangers (KAJI Sayaka)
Shuji Funo, Samgeon Han, Chungshin Park, Sungmin Cho

Formation of Modern Korean Urban Landscape: Spatial Formation and Transformation of Japanese Colonial Settlement in Korea (YAMAMOTO Takatsugu)