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Vol.94 No.1 January 2011

YOSHIMOTO Michimasa Foreword
ISHIMURA Tomo The Origin of the Lapita Peoples and the Dispersal of Austronesian Peoples
YAMAZAKI Takeshi Assimilation and Alienation: The Yao-Zhuang 猺獞 of Guangxi Province during the Ming Period and the Cen 岑 Family the Chieftain Official
HORIUCHI Takayuki South African Coloured Identity
SAKAI Kazuomi The Influence of Democracy on the Japanese Diplomatic Theories in the 1920s: The Case of 'National Diplomacy'
KUROIWA Yasuhiro Miyatake Masamichi, 'A Dilettante Linguist': The Life of a Highbrow in Imperial Japan
ZENNO Miho The Nativos of the Former Indigenous Villages in Mexico City in Relation to the Definition of "Indigenous People"
Academic Trends::  
IWAO Kazushi Current Research Trends on the Testament of Ba
Book Reviews:  
TAKEMORI Tomoko NAGAYAMA Syuichi, The Hayato and Ancient Japan
TAKADA Ryota S.A.Epstein, Purity Last: Transgressing Boundaries in the Eastern Mediterranean, 1000-1400
YAMAGUCHI Ikuto KITAGAWA Katsuhiko (ed.), Decolonization and the British Empire