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Shirin JOURNAL > Back Numbers > Vol.93 No.1 January 2010

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Vol.93 No.1 January 2010

Special Issue: WAR

NAKASUNA AkinoriI Foreword
SENDA Yoshihiro

Castles and Warfare in Archaeology

OSHITA Shigetoshi

The Political Process behind the Order for the Kyushu Ceasefire: A Reexamination of the Toyotomi Soubujirei, Hideyoshi's Order for A General Peace

SUZUKI Tadashi Bellizismus und Ewiger Friede als Träger der Entfesslung Bellonas
TAKASHIMA Ko War, State and Sports: Okabe Heita's "Conversion" to Nationalism
KITA Chigusa Technology and War: Digital Computer Technolgy from World War II to the Cold War Era in the United States
FUKUMA Yoshiaki

The Transformation of Arguments on War Experience and "Liberal Artsism": Postwar History of the Reception of Wadatsumi no koe, Accounts of Fallen Japanese College Students

Academic Trend:  
SAKAGUCHI Hideki The Trend of the Study of "War" in Japanese Archaeology
Book Reviews:  

The Ezo and War in the Northeast (FUCHIHARA Tomoyuki)

David A. Graff Medieval Chinese Warfare, 300-900 (MARUHASHI Mitsuhiro)
Emma Bridges, Edith Hall and P. J. Rhodes (eds.) Cultural Responses to the Persian Wars: Antiquity to the Third Millennium (ABE Takuji)