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Shirin JOURNAL > Back Numbers > Vol.92 No.1 January 2009

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Vol.92 No.1 January 2009

Special Issue: The ENVIRONMENT as Seen in from Historical, Geographical and Archaeological Perspectives

MINAMIKAWA Takashi Foreword

The Shoreline Environment and Livelihood in Medieval Japan, from the Standpoint of Fishing in Lakes and Rivers

IGURO Shinobu

Historical Studies of the Capability of the Spring-Flood Irrigation System to Respond to Water Environmental Problems at the Southern Foot of Mt. Lüliang 呂梁 Shangxi山西, China

KITAMURA Masafumi Bruno Taut und die Bernilner Wohnumwelt. Mit Schwerpunkt auf dem Siedlungsbau in der zweiten Hälfte
MIZUNO Shoko Emergence of the Discourse of Global Environmental Crisis in the British Empire between the Wars
SODA Ryoji Environmental Changes and "Environmental Problems" in Sarawak, Malaysia

The Experiences of Hashiura Yasuo in His Neighbourhood Study (1925-1934)

Academic Trends:  
YOSHIMOTO Michimasa Archaeological Cultures in Southeastern Inner Mongolia before 3rd Century B.C.: On the Focus of Environmental-Archaeological Studies in the Recent Years
NAGATA Ryoichi Does Climate Explain History?: The Little Ice Age of the Early Modern Europe
Book Reviews:  
TAWA Masataka (ed.)

Stone Tidal Weir (SANO Sizuyo)

KOBAYASHI Shigeru An Environmental History of the Ryukyu Islands: Agriculture, Landscape and Disasters (TSUKIHARA Toshihiro)
Patrick Matagne Aux origines de l'écologie: Les naturalistes en France de 1800 à 1914 (NAKAYAMA Shun)
Frank Uekoetter The Green and the Brown: A History of Conservation in Nazi Germany (OKAUCHI Kazuki)