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Shirin JOURNAL > Back Numbers > Vol.91 No.1 January 2008

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Vol.91 No.1 January 2008

Special Issue: MONUMENTS: From a Historical Perspective

KINDA Akihiro Foreword
MATSUI Yoshinori Memories of the Origin of the Western Zhou: Ancestors Descrived in Bronze Inscriptions and Poetry
KAWANO Kazutaka Kofun Tumuli as Monuments of the State Formation Process
HORI Yutaka The Goganji and Emperors of the Heian Period: Concentrating on 9th and 10th Centuries
ITANI Kozo A Study of Some Monumental Inscriptions of the 12th-15th Century Anatolia
TAKENAKA Koji Un essai sur la mémoire de Napoléon
NAKAMURA Takeshi State Funeral of Lord Nelson: Naval and Military Commemoration in St. Paul's Cathedral
HAMAI Kazufumi Overseas Memorials for Japanese War Dead in the Postwar Period: The Process of Dispatching Parties to Collect Remains in the Southern Regions and the Erection of Memorial Monuments for Japanese War Dead (Senbotsu Nihonjin no Hi) in the 1950s
TAKINAMI Akihiro L'Internationale Situationniste et le contre-monument: une origine du tourisme contemporain?
SUGIMOTO Yoshihiko New Trends in Research on Monuments
NISHIYAMA Ryohei Research Possibilities on "Monuments"