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Shirin JOURNAL > Back Numbers > Vol.100 No.1 January 2017

Back Number

Vol.100 No.1 January 2017

Special Issue: Sea

KINDA Akihiro Foreword
KIMlZUKA Hiroyasu Shipmasters of the Cabotage in Eighteenth-century France
SUGIMOTO Tokiko The Role of the Merchants of MarseiIIes in Colonial Expansion of the Mid-19th Century
AZUMA Sachiyo  On Whales and Domainal Lords in Early Modern Times, Employing the Whaling of Ine in Tango as a Key to Interpretation as a Key to Interpretation
MURAKAMI Ei “Pirates" on the West River during the Late Qing Period: Trade, Shipping and the Dispute over “The Right of Patrol"
FUKITO Masami The Second Taiwan Strait Crisis and U.S. Taiwan Policy: Towards an Understanding of the Historic Dynamism that Brought about the Alteration of Taiwan Policy in the Latter Half of the 1950s
UOZU Tomokatsu The Significance, Limitations and Prospects Limitations and Prospects of Research on Tumuli and Graves by the Sea